Where to deliver a gift?

in Yekaterinburg: 15/07/2024

Terms of delivery

Placement and delivery of the order
Placement of order is performed immediately in the city of delivery by our representatives and on the basis of appearance composition shown at our website and according to provided picture and description.
Time of delivery is agreed with receiver over a telephone immediately before placement of order. It is necessary to specify receiver’s address and the time when it will be convenient for him to receive the gift.
In different countries there are various rules for orders delivery. Usually, if the order is placed in a small town, then the delivery is performed directly by shop assistant. But if it is a big city, the delivery is performed by specialized courier company. In many countries presence of order and specified address are sufficient for execution of order during working hours. If the receiver is not at home, the gift is left to neighbors, at the reception of the hotel or it can be returned to the shop. In some countries preliminary agreement of delivery with the receiver is obligatory and upon absence of contact telephone number of the receiver, the execution of order is stopped until necessary information is received. To prevent such situations, during placement of order we recommend you to provide as much as possible detailed information including contact telephone number of the receiver.
Here you can have a look at the list of cities and countries where we provide our services of flower bouquets delivery.
If you haven’t found in the list the city you need, you can use the form of individual order. Our managers, having checked the possibility to deliver order to the city you need, will inform you whether it is possible execute your order and tell you the cost.
Cost of delivery
The policy of our company is information transparency and honest relations with clients. We don’t include cost of delivery to the cost of order and present it as “free delivery”. Cost of delivery is specified in the page of assortment choice. It makes possible to choose gifts the cost of which includes the delivery cost. Herewith, while choosing several gifts, the client pays for delivery only once but not several times as it can be upon “free delivery” when the cost is added to every product which is delivered.
Cost of delivery is specified in ALL pages of assortment choice. In your “Shopping cart” you can always check the cost of your order including delivery.
Peculiarities of delivery to European countries and the USA
Execution of orders in every country is conditioned by definite peculiarities in terms of delivery time, approval and additional conditions.
As a rule, in the USA and European countries the delivery is not executed on Sundays and on public holidays because these are non-work days on the legislative level. In Muslim countries, Friday is a day-off and Saturday is a day-off in Israel. Such peculiarities are regulated by laws of these countries and we have no right to violate them. If, due to lack of information, the order was placed to the day-off, then as soon as possible we will try to inform you about it and offer to perform the delivery the day earlier or later. If it is impossible to contact the client (absence of contact telephone number doesn’t allow to contact the client quickly), then execution of the order automatically should be postponed to the first working day.
If during placement of order you want to conceal sender’s name, you have to use the option “Withhold sender’s name”. However, we would like you to know that the receiver can get into awkward situation when he is proposed to accept the gift from unknown person. Such situation may impose certain obligations on the receiver and embarrass him. People’s reaction to such situations can be different and sometimes the receivers may refuse to accept the gift until they know what namely they will receive and who the sender is.
Order status
After placement procedure every order is assigned a serial number. You can always keep track of your order using the option Order status on the website or, if necessary, verify this information from managers of orders department.